WeChat Gold

Forget Red Packets, WeChat GOLD Packets are coming!

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It’s that time of year again. When all the crazy numbers come out about WeChat lucky money red packets. Last year 8.08 billion digital WeChat red envelopes were sent out (see our previous article) Chinese New Year’s Eve. This year it’s 14.2 BILLION! On 1 day! Above: some context to those numbers WeChat’s last reported monthly active user numbers are 846 …

WeChat picture editing

WeChat Picture Editing: Add Stickers To Your Pics

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WeChat picture editing: The latest iOS version of WeChat released yesterday (Version 6.5.2) includes a full range of picture editing tools. Now you can edit photos directly within WeChat and post them to a group or moments. The update also allows you to add WeChat custom stickers to your pictures! Read on to find out how it works & why …

WeChat Barcode Scanning

WeChat Barcode Scanning Features

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WeChat Barcode: A few days ago WeChat announced a new service to track the status of express deliveries in China by scanning the delivery form’s bar code (see picture below). But surprisingly few people know that with WeChat you can already pick up and scan the barcode on pretty much ANY kind of Chinese consumer product and instantly check its …

WeChat Moments

WeChat Moments Search: Search Your Friend’s Moments

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The latest iOS update to WeChat (6.3.29) launched yesterday adds a WeChat moments search feature. Basically this allows you to search your friend’s moments by time. The last WeChat update 6.3.28 with important changes to group management came 2 days earlier to iOS. What’s going on? Read on to answer the questions: “How does it work?” and “Why WeChat has had 2 updates in …

WeChat Group Owner

WeChat Group Admin: Important Updates

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The new version of WeChat (6.3.28) has several changes. The most important being a WeChat group admin can now choose to block people from adding extra members to their group. This feature is highly likely to roll out in some form to all versions of WeChat soon. Read on to find out exactly how it works, why it’s so important. You …

Siri, Can You WeChat My Girlfriend For Me?

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Too lazy to open WeChat, go through your contacts list and type a message to your friend? No worries. Apple will soon have you covered. At the Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday they announced: Siri will soon be able to connect up with WeChat and message your friends for you. The update will come as part of iOS 10 which will …

WeChat Membership Cards

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Virtual WeChat membership cards are becoming increasingly popular in China as more and more businesses and consumers realize the benefits. A few days ago WeChat announced a big upgrade to the membership card features available for official accounts. Today we’ll guide you through the updates and take a look at how the new membership cards work on WeChat. What are WeChat membership …

New Business WeChat Enterprise App Coming Soon

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As has been widely reported in the last few days, WeChat will launch a new app called the ‘WeChat Enterprise App’ (企业版微信). Read on to find out: What is the new app all about? How will this affect WeChat? & Why are they doing this? A screenshot of the new app login page The new Chinese version of Slack?  In general Chinese …

Are You Ready To Pay To Read WeChat Articles?

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It’s been confirmed that a WeChat paywall feature for articles will soon be introduced. But are people really ready to start paying to read stuff on WeChat? Read on to get the full details. Above: The famous New York Times paywall Reports say that the WeChat paywall feature will allow users to read the first section (20 to 200 characters) of …

Were naked pics the reason WeChat blurry photos closed early?

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WeChat publicly tested a new feature recently in China which has been in development for 3 months: WeChat Blurry Lucky Money Photos. Users had an extra option to post blurry pictures which can only be viewed by sending a lucky money red envelop. Read on to find out: Why did WeChat suddenly do this? Is it going to become a permanent feature? & Was …