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WeChat Podcast recording: I recently had the honor of appearing on the very excellent Analyse Asia podcast hosted by Bernard Leong in Singapore. WeChat Podcast Show Notes Matthew Brennan, Co-founder of China Channel (@MattyBGooner, Linkedin, Wechat:Yowdy-CQ) [0:39] How did you start you career? [1:28] What brought you to China and eventually set up China Channel there? [2:32] Role and coverage of …

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Below is a list of 100 different mini programs broken down into 10 categories. After this list of WeChat mini programs we’ll also provide you with info on how to access one of the unofficial mini program stores to find even more mini programs.   Travel Food & Beverage / Restaurant   Finance Tools   Productivity   Education   Life …

How To Use WeChat Mini Programs

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At midnight last night WeChat finally launched its eagerly awaited mini programs! The launch was timed to coincide with the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone. It’s a big move that WeChat has been planning for just over a year. Read on find out: What are mini programs? And how do I use them? Left: Mobike’s mini program   Right: Mobike’s app What are …

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Want to get a first taste of what the hotly anticipated WeChat Mini Programs will be like to use? Today WeChat released an open mini programs demo that anyone can use, below are screenshots of how it all works plus a QR code for you try it out yourself. They really are impossible to share to moments! WeChat Mini Program Features …