1 Minute On WeChat Infographic

China Channel Infographics, Tencent

What happens on WeChat in 1 minute? We crunched the numbers from various sources and reports can came up with the following WeChat infographic below… Bonus Data The number of WeChat users continues to steadily increase. Yesterday’s Tencent 2016 Third Quarter Release revealed that WeChat now has over 846,000,000 month active users! To put this incredible rise into context, let’s compare that …

China Top Apps Report

China Top Apps Report 2016: Top 10 Apps In China

China Channel Infographics

China Top Apps: A year is a long time in China tech. Below check out the top 10 Chinese apps and how they’ve faired over the past year. WeChat is of course number 1 still but who else are the movers and shakers in the scene?     Will WeChat mini-apps come to disrupt the native app market next year? …