WeChat Key Trends Report 2017

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Below are the slides from a keynote presentation delivered by Matthew Brennan at the China Connect Paris Conference on the 2nd of March 2017. He covers the key trends for WeChat and WeChat marketing featuring the latest data, case studies and quotes from respected experts. If you would like a PDF version of this report just drop us an email at info@chinachannel.co. If you are …

WeChat Data Report 2016 1

WeChat Data Report Dec 2016, Stats From WeChat

China Channel Infographics

New WeChat Data: Yesterday the WeChat team released a rare stats presentation filled with some amazing insights into what is happening on WeChat. Unlike other reports and data released this is the real deal. This information is not based on indirect data, estimations or online surveys. It’s direct data from WeChat’s servers. WeChat Data Highlights: 768 Million Daily Active Users …

WeChat Life Report – October 2015

China Channel Infographics, Tencent

Yesterday (October 23rd) Tencent revealed a wide array of  WeChat statistical data and analysis previously unknown to the public. The presentation entitled “WeChat Life” was delivered at Tencent’s Global Partner’s Conference in Chongqing. Highlights include: For the first time ever Tencent revealed the number of average daily logged in user accounts (for September 2015) The differences in WeChat usage rates across Chinese …