3000+ Users Banned For Sending WeChat Spam

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

Recently the WeChat team announced that they banned 3,826 user accounts due to a recent sharp increase in complains of group WeChat spam. Many people reported that spamming attacks caused their WeChat to shut down or even the entire phone to freeze up as the processor became overwhelmed. What the heck is going on?


Above: Typical WeChat GIF spamming. It’s the grass mud horse!

Some of the spammers were said to be using digital software to automate sending huge numbers of WeChat spam messages.


Above: WeChat spam coming your way

Though most of the spammers were thought to be manually sending spam content into groups. Typical WeChat spam included things such as large blocks of emojis or repeatedly sending special key words which trigger emoji rain e.g. i miss you or happy birthday (see our previous article for a full list).


Happy birthday, here’s some WeChat spam!

WeChat’s suggestions on dealing with group spammers

“If you get caught in a spam group we recommend you to turn off your phone’s internet, restart WeChat and delete the group while offline. Another method would be to use WeChat PC or Mac version, from there you can also delete the group.”


It’s unclear from the reports exactly why people were doing this and it may have just been for fun. Are there malicious reasons why someone would want to freeze your phone or close your WeChat temporarily? Leave us a comment below if you can think of any.