The 5 Best WeChat Adverts

Matthew Brennan Tencent

WeChat have had their eyes on global expansion for some time. That means throwing the occasional bit of money on an ad campaign. Today we bring you the 5 most interesting WeChat adverts for different global markets.


1. WeChat India’s Cow Advert
What the hell is going on here? We have no idea. It’s bonkers.

2. WeChat South Africa’s ‘Mark Zukerberg’ Advert
Mark Zukerberg balling his eyes out on the psychiatrist’s couch.

3. WeChat Agentina’s Messi Advert
Yes, back in 2013 Messi officially endorsed WeChat in South America with this rather poor advert.

4. WeChat India Singalong Advert
A Bollywood inspired WeChat walkie-talkie love saga.

5. WeChat HongKong’s ‘Elton John’ Advert
Not too sure how to describe this one, the only word we can make out is “Elton John”.

Which advert do you like the best? Are WeChat doing a good job of marketing themselves to the world?