5 Classic Games You Can Play In WeChat : WeChat Essential Tips

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In today’s WeChat Essential Tip, brought to you by China Channel, we will show you how to play 5 classic games including Tetris, Candy Crush and Pacman directly within WeChat by simply scanning a QR code. You can freely post these games to your moments or chat threads and some have the option to compare high scores with your friends.


Most games actually within the WeChat app are short and sweet. People don’t have too much time to play for much longer than a few minutes before moving on to another task. Although many games can be accessed by friends forwarding you the links on your messages. WeChat has it’s own built in WeChat games service which you can access from ‘discover’ and then ‘games’.


It’s filled with lots of hugely popular WeChat games such as WeRun (天天酷跑) Happy Poker (欢乐斗地主), Plants Vs. Zombies (植物大战僵尸) and WeFly (全民飞机大战). In order to play these games you must download them as separate apps; although the apps are linked to WeChat in several ways:

  • You log into the app using your WeChat or QQ ID.
  • There is usually a leader’s board to compare your progress within the game with your WeChat contacts.
  • The game app will activity incentivise you to work with your WeChat friends to help each other; and perhaps even push messages to your contacts also playing the game directly in WeChat


Plants Vs. Zombies 2 has both WeChat and QQ account login

Time to show you how to play 5 classic games directly in WeChat, so let’s begin our list:

1. Tetris
We start our list with the all time classic. A very simple strip down of the original.


Graphically very plain, but then Tetris was never really about the graphics.


Use the QR code below to play the game. Hold down on the picture and selecting ‘Scan Code in Image’ (Android) or ‘********’ (iOS). The Code will take you to the game directly. If you are unsure on how to use QR Codes then check out our article here.


2. Candy Crush
Love it or hate it Candy Crush is a cultural phenomenon and you can play it here on WeChat.


This version is titled ‘Candy 2 Rain’. (N.B. It may take a while to load at first.)


3. Stick Game *******
We’re not too sure what to call this game in English but it’s massively addictive and we love it. Hit the button in the middle to start.


Once you start playing the game it’s pretty intuitive. The title boasts that only 8 people in the world have reached level 20.


Somehow people seem to be reaching level 29.



4. Flappy Bird
The Vietnamese global sensation is still worth a game or two.


The simple graphics and game play make it perfect for WeChat. This version, although slightly easier, is a pretty faithful rendition of the original.


5. Pacman
It doesn’t get more retro than this. Pacman on WeChat!


(N.B. During testing we found Pacman didn’t work on our iPad)


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