5 Hidden WeChat Features

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

Few people are aware that changing your language setting to Chinese reveals extra WeChat features that are hidden when using the app in English. Here we bring you our top 5:


Hidden WeChat Features No. 1: Scan Book Covers
The scanning feature in WeChat is far more advanced in Chinese than in English. Just take a look below:


Go to: Discover > Scan QR Code


The extra options available in Chinese

The first option we’ll look at is scanning book covers. Imagine the friend you are with recommends this great book they are reading. Simply scan the cover of the book with WeChat:


Now you can buy the book online from a list of vendors such as Amazon or Jingdong.


Hidden WeChat Features No. 2: Street View
Also added as an extra feature to scan is the option to go into street view. Simply select the street view option and wait a second or two for street view to find your current location. See below:


Street view has built in options to find your nearest hotel and cinema. You can navigate up and down the local streets while staying inside. Not only cool, but could also be a life saver if you are lost on a rainy or cold day.


Hidden WeChat Features No. 3: Scan for translation
Our final extra option for scanning is ‘scan for translation’ which allows you to translate English into Chinese on things such as signs or packaging.


Above: scanning a tissue packet on our desk


Hidden WeChat Features No. 4: News Service
WeChat has a default news service feature (Tencent News) which is only available in Chinese.


Switching to Chinese and daily news updates will start to appear in your timeline like below:


Not much use to those who can’t fluently read Chinese. So unsurprising that it’s hidden for those with English language setting.


Hidden WeChat Features No. 5: WeChat’s Shazam Feature
The shake feature on WeChat in Chinese has an extra songs option:


Discover > Shake


This extra option works the same a Shazam. Hear an unknown song you like? Shake to find out the name and lyrics.


Then share the song to your friends or on your moments:


Unsurprisingly the shazam service works best for Chinese songs.