5 Secret WeChat Easter Eggs

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

We are all so familiar with using WeChat every day in China. Surely there can’t be any hidden features within the app that we don’t know about. We all know that typing key words like ‘I miss you‘ or ‘Happy Birthday‘ (see previous article) will trigger emoji rain. But did you know that typing other special words into WeChat can reveal little hidden easter eggs features.


1. Recovery WeChat Easter Egg

This one works only for iPhone users. Tap the + icon in the top right corner and select add contacts. Now type in :recover (don’t forget the colon) into the search bar. A secret screen will appear with options in Chinese for recovering your WeChat information.


Apparently if your WeChat malfunctions (e.g. your contacts are suddenly lost), you can then make use of these recovery options. Selecting the options will require you to restart WeChat. If your WeChat has not malfunctioned then you will likely see no change. The recovery options are always in Chinese regardless of your phone’s language settings (interestingly though the options differ when you change between English and Chinese).

Left: WeChat in Chinese / Right: WeChat in English

2. Shut Down WeChat Easter Egg

Typing and sending the message //fullexit will automatically shut down WeChat and exit out to your phone’s home screen. Available only on Android.



3. Check Your Connection WeChat Easter Egg

Typing and sending the message //traceroute will open an interface where you can diagnose issues with your internet connection. Very useful for when you don’t know why you are getting ‘unable to access the server’ messages. Works on both Android and iOS.



4. Phone Model WeChat Easter Egg

Typing and sending the message //getfpkey will result in a fingerprint key message appearing. The message at first seems to be a bunch of jumbled code. On closer inspection however we see there the message contains the made and model information of the phone you are using. Works only on Android and fake iPhones.

WeChat Easter Eggs 5

Above: Yes, I still use Samsung. Please don’t laugh too hard.

5. Location WeChat Easter Egg

Typing and sending the message //pickpoi will automatically open the location screen and bring up your current location. Works on both Android and iOS.


Know any other hidden WeChat Easter eggs? Leave us a comment below.