7 Free WeChat Marketing Tools For Official Accounts

Matthew Brennan Platforms, WeChat Tips

A whole ecosystem of wechat marketing platforms and tools are out there to help you. Taking advantage of these powerful free tools is a must for those of us doing WeChat marketing and promotion. Disclaimer: Some of these tools have limits on what is available for free with paid options for extra features. Hey, they have to make money somehow right.

1. WeChat Search Engine: Sogou

Web address: http://weixin.sogou.com/


WeChat content is blocked on Baidu or Google (read our previous article here). Sogou is the only official search engine for WeChat account content and an indispensable WeChat marketing research tool.

wechat-marketing-tools-sogou-search-2A search for WeChat on Sogou.

2. Surveys & CRM: MikeCRM

Web address: http://www.mikecrm.com/


MikeCRM is a really powerful tool for making WeChat surveys and forms. It’s also a complete CRM system that can be used to send email and text messages. Lots of WeChat accounts use MikeCRM to collect valuable information. There are so many uses: event sign up, feedback, job applications, sales (MikeCRM also has payments baked in).


Above: Making forms with MikeCRM.

3. Article Formatting: Xiumi

Web address: http://xiumi.us/

There are many article formatting platforms out there to help with beautifying your WeChat content. Xiumi is one of the better ones. If you are wondering how to make your articles pretty by adding styling to text and images then look no further:


Above: the Xiumi editor

4. H5 Mini Websites: MAKA

Web address:http://maka.im/


There are a flood of H5 creation tools on the market in China. Most of them are free to use with excellent templates available. MAKA is one of the easiest to use and it’s also one of the most popular. If you’re unsure what a H5 is then scan the QR code using WeChat below to check out the H5 mobile promotion for CHat conference.


5. QR Tools: Cli.im

Web address:http://cli.im/


There’s so many cool things you can do with QR codes. This platform will enable to you create codes that link to all kinds of things from web addresses to PDF files. You can add logos and make them look pretty. You can track the codes. Tracking QR codes is a powerful tool for measuring the effectiveness of different marketing channels.


Making our codes pretty with Cli.im.

6. WeChat For Events

Web address: http://www.hixianchang.com/


By using platforms such as Hixiangchang. You can easily conduct live group games or voting on a big screen at your event. Read our previous full article on haixianchang here.

Live WeChat voting at an event using a platform similar to Hixianchang.

7. Powerpoint on WeChat

Web address: http://www.pptplus.cn/


Take any PDF or PowerPoint and use this platform to make it WeChat friendly. Add audio to create a powerful multimedia experience. Scan the QR below to check out the effect.


Above: we use PPT+ to share presentations from our CHat conferences.