Augmented Reality Chinese Translation

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Augmented reality Chinese translation is already here. Anyone of us can use our phone to translate all the characters around us on the fly. Don’t believe it, check out the pictures and gif below…

Augmented Reality Chinese Translation Milk

Augmented Reality Chinese Translation Milk Carton

The app to do it with. Not WeChat unfortunately. Yes, that’ right it’s good old Google Translate.

Hang on, isn’t Google blocked in China? 

Well, mostly yes. But for some reason Google translate is still allowed to run. Which probably has something to do with the fact that it’s actually very useful for Chinese people. The Baidu alternative, similar to the majority of Baidu’s offerings is a big pile of ? by comparison. Want to download it from a Chinese app store? You’re probably better off copy and pasting the following into the search bar: 谷歌翻译 (pinyin: gugefanyi)

Use Google Translate

Above right: once in the app, tap the camera icon to access AR translation

The ChCh 7Eleven Test

We popped down to the local 7Eleven store in Chengdu and checked out some of the products with our phone’s Augmented reality Chinese translation. The results were, well, interesting…

Test 1: Sichuan Pepper Flavored Spicy Beans

Augmented Reality Chinese Translation Bean Packet

ChCh rating:  

Jackie Chan Meme

There’s something irresistible about the packet now asking me to ‘risk Chengdu taste’. Yes, I will risk! Perhaps I will regret tomorrow, let’s hope not.

Test 2: Super Power Laundry Liquid

Augmented Reality Chinese Translation Laundry Liquid

ChCh rating:  

Obama Meme

‘Low bubble’ is actually quite a accurate translation of the Chinese believe it or not and it’s clearly managed to translate ‘laundry liquid’.

Test 3: Pineapple Flavored Beer

Augmented Reality Chinese Translation Beer

ChCh rating:  

Yao Ming Meme

So its official, we finally found something that WeChat can’t do… Oh wait, hang on! Turns out WeChat has had English to Chinese camera translation built in for years (see our previous article). Damn you WeChat!

WeChat Translation Feature

Above: WeChat Chinese lang version camera translation


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