How to Buy a Train Ticket Using WeChat

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

In this article we will show you how to buy a train ticket on WeChat. Buying train tickets through WeChat is really so easy and convenient. You only need input your passport number and name once and it can be stored for use later. This means buying a train ticket can literally be done anytime, anyplace, in about 60 seconds, once you are familiar with the process. To buy the ticket you must have your bankcard linked to WeChat (read our previous article here on how to do that).


In this example, we’re going to buy a high speed train ticket for a journey from Chengdu to Chongqing. This trip of roughly 350km takes around 2 hours and 10 minutes with an impressive top speed of around 250km/h. First go to ‘me’ and then ‘wallet’.


Now select ‘rail and flights’. This is where all your WeChat train (and plane) tickets will be bought.


The home page looks like this currently.


Choose your starting point and destination cities. The list of cities will all be in Chinese but you can type pinyin into the search field and it will narrow down the choices for you.


Next choose the day you want to travel.


Once selected, tap the big green button (火车查询 train inquiry). A list of options for that day will appear ordered by departure time. Choose the time you you want.


Now select the the type of ticket you want. We’ll be travelling 1st class of course. Nothing to do with 2nd Class being sold out 🙂


Now we need to add a person’s information and a phone number. The box at the bottom is for insurance which costs 20 yuan for this journey. If you don’t want it uncheck the box and then select 无需保障 (don’t need insurance) from the pop up.


You only need add a person’s info once and then it will stay on your WeChat for later use.


Once the traveler’s information is added we can select the big green button at the bottom 提交订单 (submit order) and we will be taken to this page below.


The ticket order will be held for you for a period of around half an hour. Select the green 支付 payment button and enter your WeChat pay password. Once completed you will get a message confirming the transaction in your timeline.


Congratulations! Your first WeChat Train Ticket is bought. Now when you turn up to the train station, go to the ticket counter and show the staff your WeChat with the message code. They will type in the code and print the ticket for you on the spot.


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