1 Billion Views In 10 Days: China Viral Campaign

China Channel Case Studies

Earlier this month an online promotion campaign spread like wild fire across the Chinese internet and was so successful being that it gained 1 billion views in just 10 days! To put that into perspective the most watched video on Youtube ever is currently the song ‘Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee’ which took 97 days to reach 1 billion views. Things evidently move quite fast in China. Read on to …

5 Case Studies Of Going Viral On WeChat

China Channel Case Studies

Going viral on WeChat is really difficult. WeChat is designed to be a closed personal environment. If your friends don’t directly share something on the moments news feed or in a group then it’s going to be pretty difficult to find. Below I bring you 5 classic case studies of stuff that somehow managed to go viral together with some analysis on why. 1. Comic Book Hero …

12 Super Creative QR Code Designs

China Channel Case Studies

I’m seeing an increasing number of businesses in China hiring talented designers to help jazz up their WeChat QR codes. Just take a look at the work of art below. Read on to see 12 really impressive QR code designs and learn how WeChat actually recognizes QR codes. Go on. Scan it 😉 Wait, how does WeChat actually recognize something as a …

WeChat Karaoke Of The Future

China Channel Case Studies

Welcome to M-Bar, the future of WeChat empowered Karaoke! M-Bar (www.ucmbar.com) is a Chinese startup from Xiamen city in Fujian province that runs a line of staff-less Karaoke booths empowered completely through WeChat. Want to learn how it works? Check out the video below from our friend Manya Koetse at the very excellent WhatsOnWeibo: Video length: 1:36 mins   How does WeChat Karaoke Work? Today …

Mark Zuckerberg is on WeChat!

China Channel Case Studies

Breaking News: It’s official! Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has followed in the footsteps of Bill Gates (see previous article) and opened up a WeChat official account. Read on to find out the details plus a series of highly revealing quotes from the Zuck regarding his thoughts on China’s social media. Above: Mark’s new official account In the new account’s …

Bill Gates On WeChat

Bill Gates Joins WeChat. Apple & Facebook Fail On WeChat

China Channel Case Studies, Hot News

3 days ago Bill Gates officially launched his own WeChat official account (WeChat ID: gatesnotes) and broadcast a short 30 second message to his WeChat followers. Bill’s company Microsoft is actually kicking ass on WeChat, they have several very interesting WeChat accounts including a Chinese virtual girlfriend chatbot. We did a little research into the presence Microsoft and other American tech giants have on China’s …

Starbucks WeChat Logo

Starbucks WeChat Gifting Feature

China Channel Case Studies

A new button for Starbucks magically appeared for China WeChat users yesterday. The new feature allows users to buy a coffee and send it as a gift on WeChat to their friend or loved one. It’s a bit like WeChat lucky money, except its WeChat lucky coffee 🙂 Read on to find out how the feature works and the details on why Starbucks and …

1.2 Million Sold on WeChat in Just 12 minutes!

China Channel Case Studies

How do you sell 1.2 Million RMB’s worth of merchandise in 12 minutes on WeChat? That’s the question we’re going to answer today with a detailed case study of a super successful online sales promotion that happened just 3 days ago on WeChat. Read on to find out: What was the promotion? Which WeChat sales techniques did they use? Can I use any of …

Amazon Go China WeChat

Amazon Go For China? WeChat Store Of The Future

China Channel Case Studies

Is this China’s version of Amazon Go? Completely staff-less stores empowered totally through WeChat. BingoBox is a Chinese startup from Zhongshan city in Guangdong that runs a line of completely automated mobile convenience stores. Check out their promotional video below: Video length: 1:54 mins How does it really work? Our friend Jackie Fong from Shanghai agency JING Digital visited one of the stores …

Learn Chinese WeChat

WeChat Chinese Learning Platform

China Channel Case Studies

Today we decided to feature a WeChat Chinese Mandarin Class platform. In the same way that Uber matches you with a driver, this service (yoil Mandarin) matches you with a Chinese teacher. But it works entirely through WeChat. Read on to find out how it works and how to try a free WeChat Chinese class yourself. In the 2nd part of this article we’ll …