WeChat Freezes Profile Changing Till End Of Month

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Last night saw a rather sudden and unexpected announcement from WeChat team. The official statement was short and to the point: No one can change their profile information until the end of the month. From testing, it seems it’s true, see pics below: Left: Error message when trying to change profile picture   Right: Error message when trying to change profile …

Tencent Credit Score Launching Soon On WeChat & QQ

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Today reports have started to appear across the Chinese intranet indicating that in the next few days Tencent credit ratings will be available to check directly through QQ & WeChat. If correct that means we could soon be able to get a little glimpse into all the juicy financial data that Tencent has on WeChat users and their creditworthiness. This …

WeChat Banned In Russia! Analysis & Implications

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Yesterday WeChat got blocked in Russia! An official statement from the Russian internet watchdog body Roskomnadzor confirmed that WeChat has been placed on a list of web sites blocked within the country. Read on to find out: Why has Russia done this? Is this politically motivated? & What are the implications? Why has Russia done this? Russia wants WeChat to move their servers …

Bill Gates On WeChat

Bill Gates Joins WeChat. Apple & Facebook Fail On WeChat

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3 days ago Bill Gates officially launched his own WeChat official account (WeChat ID: gatesnotes) and broadcast a short 30 second message to his WeChat followers. Bill’s company Microsoft is actually kicking ass on WeChat, they have several very interesting WeChat accounts including a Chinese virtual girlfriend chatbot. We did a little research into the presence Microsoft and other American tech giants have on China’s …

WeChat Gold

Forget Red Packets, WeChat GOLD Packets are coming!

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It’s that time of year again. When all the crazy numbers come out about WeChat lucky money red packets. Last year 8.08 billion digital WeChat red envelopes were sent out (see our previous article) Chinese New Year’s Eve. This year it’s 14.2 BILLION! On 1 day! Above: some context to those numbers WeChat’s last reported monthly active user numbers are 846 …

1,000s Of Accounts Caught Using WeChat Fake Views

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China is currently ablaze with discussion about WeChat fake views on articles. The situation is so bad that WeChat team released a rare formal statement. A new update in the WeChat back end system now blocks official accounts from using robots to fake their viewership numbers. Thus revealing many influential accounts to have followings made up mostly of illegal software controlled …