ChCh + EuroCham Event @ Chengdu Bookworm

Matthew Brennan Events

The European Chamber and China Channel cordially invite you to attend our seminar “How WeChat is Really Being Used Throughout China and How it Impacts Your Business” on Tuesday afternoon 13th October at the Chengdu Bookworm. This presentation headlined the recent ‘WeChat Expo’ in Shanghai.

Shanghai Sep 2015 (1)

The growing popularity of WeChat from Tencent Inc. has gained a lot of public attention recently. China Channel reveals the results of their WeChat survey conducted this August. Interviewing 100’s of people on the street, in completely different parts of China, they gained fascinating insights and data on the true differences in WeChat usage between Tier 1, Tier 2 and rural areas. The Presentation will also include a brief introduction to We Chat with key statistics that will be useful to decision makers, entrepreneurs and business executives in China.


You will be meeting with other like-minded entrepreneurial and business people in a relaxing atmosphere. Print copies of the 20 page report will be made available to all attendees.