The Dark World Of WeChat Hack Apps

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WeChat Hack: Today we are going to lift the lid on the murky world of WeChat hacking apps. Unofficial altered versions of WeChat which allow you to do things not possible with normal WeChat. We’ll explain in detail: What special abilities these WeChat hack apps claim to be able to provide? Why are people using them? And why we personally would not recommend using such software.


WeChat Robots 320

Above: Automated WeChat robot accounts adding contacts

These ‘black market’ versions of WeChat can be bought through agents or directly on Taobao. Prices once we talked more with the sellers were around 200 yuan. They are completely unauthorized by Tencent / WeChat and we suspect that by using (abusing) some of the features you will run the risk of your account being blocked or frozen.



A search on Taobao reveals a whole range of sellers providing black market versions of WeChat

The primary reason for people using WeChat hacking apps is for small business marketing purposes. Many of the extra features are based around doing 2 things:

·        Adding large numbers of WeChat contacts quickly (i.e. getting business leads)

·        Getting around the restrictions on moments posts (i.e. making attractive adverts)

It’s possible that for small businesses they might be able to effectively drive sales in this way through adding people en-mass and then spamming them with moments advertisements and or individual direct messages. This scattergun approach seems similar to QR code begging (see our previous article).


What features do these WeChat hack apps claim to have?


Automatic red envelope lucky money opening

0 (1)
Automatically adding people from groups

0 (2)
Add filters to sights videos on your moments

  • Uploading videos to sights
  • Send a message to all your groups with 1 click


Cheat on WeChat games like paper, siccors, rock

  • Surpassing WeChat’s 5,000 limit on friends adding
  • Use the front cam during sights



Change your location to anywhere globally when adding people nearby

  • Recover your chat history after it’s been deleted
  • Forward messages to all contacts at once

0 (3)

Repost other people’s sights on your moments

  • Like 100+ friend’s moments posts just with one click
  • Automatically delete those who have deleted you with notifications of who has deleted you

0 (4)

Forward other people’s voice messages


Why we do NOT recommend using these WeChat hack apps

These apps by their nature are illegal. The companies running them are not likely to be “completely legit” shall we say. It’s also not clear what other “special features” these apps might also contain that they aren’t telling us about. Anyone who is serious about the privacy of their personal information might want to think twice about using them.


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