Create Word & Excel Files Directly in a WeChat Chat Thread

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Today, China Channel will show you how it’s now possible to create, edit & share Microsoft Office style word documents and excel files from directly within WeChat through a service called Write Together(一起写 yiqixie). See screenshots below:


For some time many users have taken advantage of the desktop version of WeChat to send office files back and forth between the laptops and phones. ‘Write Together’ takes things 1 step further by allowing you to actually make or edit the files directly in WeChat.


Above: This is happening within a WeChat chat window

On your phone you’ll probably only want to read or make light edits to text. Anything else will be too troublesome given the lack of keyboard and small screen size. Using WeChat desktop version however is a different experience and this is where a service such as Write Together has the potential to completely remove the friction of moving between applications when doing office work. The service also integrates the Chinese version of Evernote (separate from the Western version). Sharing and co-editing of documents is super easy with options to save your files in private or public folders.



How to try it out
Go to ‘contacts’ then ‘official accounts’. Tap + in the corner and type ‘yiqixie-office’ into the search field. You will bring up this account:


Enter the official account and select the first button. It will bring up the following options


Clicking on one of the options to start making your new file.



Conclusion / Summary
Write Together’s service removes the need to leave WeChat for many of the common office tasks. The information and pricing on Write Together’s website gives away their strategy. Pretty much all businesses in China are using WeChat for internal communication now; many informally through WeChat groups, with increasing numbers through WeChat Enterprise accounts.


Write Together’s Website

The latest version of WeChat Desktop (Version 1.5) was a significant upgrade on the previous version bringing WeChat much closer to QQ/Skype in terms of the desktop experience (the Mac version is expected to follow suit soon). ‘Write Together’ is targeting the fast growing frontier of office based WeChat enterprise account users. Workflow for many of these staff increasingly involves switching between desktop and mobile versions of WeChat on the fly.