Emoticon Confetti “Happy Birthday!”: WeChat Essential Tips

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Weclome to today’s WeChat Essential Tip, brought to you by China Channel. Those using WeChat for a while have noticed, for example, that typing ‘happy birthday’ will trigger a cascade of falling confetti like birthday cake emoticons. In today’s tip, we will give a break down of all the words in both Chinese & English that trigger this kind of effect.


Many of these words only work during seasonal or festive periods such as Christmas or Chinese New Year. Typing ‘Happy Halloween’ into your phone around late October will lead to a shower of pumpkins, while typing it in the summer will do nothing. The trigger words that work also change between different versions of WeChat as the app is updated. First are the classics that should work all year round across android / iOS and then the seasonal ones.

Confetti type: Stars
Chinese trigger: 想你了
English trigger: ‘miss you’ or ‘miss u’

WeChat Confetti Words (2)

Confetti type: Birthday Cakes
Chinese trigger: 生日快乐
English trigger: Birthday

WeChat Confetti Words (3)

Confetti type: Kisses
Chinese trigger: 么么哒
English trigger: ‘XOXO’ or ‘cium’ or ‘baci’ or ‘besos’

WeChat Confetti Words (1)

Seasonal ones
These effects only become available during certain times of the year.
Christmas Trees: Chinese trigger: 圣诞快乐 English trigger: Christmas

WeChat Confetti

Halloween Pumpkins: Chinese trigger: 万圣节快乐 English trigger: Halloween

WeChat Confetti (2)

Chinese New Year
As to be expected Spring Festival time has the most Confetti Trigger Words. Below are just a few.
Money Bags: Chinese trigger: 恭喜发财
Fish: Chinese trigger: 年年有余,年年有鱼
Apples: Chinese trigger: 一路平安,平平安安
Trains: Chinese trigger: train,回家,火车,春运
Horses: Chinese trigger: 马上就成

WeChat confetti


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