How To Export Sights Videos Out Of WeChat

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

The options for WeChat sights within chat threads are restricted to 2 options: forward or favorite with no option to export them out of WeChat. Below we’ll show you 2 little hacks for getting around this restriction.

Above: an amusing sights video we exported out as our test (7 seconds)


Above: sights options in WeChat

Method 1: Use WeChat PC Version

Download the WeChat desktop version on your PC and login from your phone. For more information on windows PC version see our previous article here.


Send the sights video that you want to download to yourself via ‘file transfer’ and first watch the video all the way through on your PC to ensure it’s downloaded. Now go to settings cog logo in the bottom left corner.


Select ‘General’ from the options. Now you can see the default directory that the WeChat files are stored in on the local computer. Find this folder on your computer.


The folder is usually entitled WeChat files. Open it and choose the folder name matching your WeChat ID. Then go to video. There will likely be many files in this folder with long file names. We suggest organizing the folder by date so you can see the latest files at the top. WeChat sights files are stored in mp4 format.


Method 2: Android Phones Only

Connect your android phone to a PC via a USB cable and select the phone in file manager. Go to Phone > Tencent > MicroMsg


There should now be a folder which is a long line of jumbled digits and letters (e.g. 2f89db82a960eb5d550d100fad9d9cf2). Go into this folder and finally select the folder entitled Video. Again the WeChat sights videos are in mp4 format, sorting by date can help find the recent ones. Copy and paste the files onto your desktop and away we go!