Featured English Language WeChat Platforms

Below is the China Channel list of English language platforms and products which are designed to aid those running WeChat official accounts. Most of the options on the Chinese market do not support English language, these ones do.


WalktheChat is the first cross-border store creator enabling you to sell to China via WeChat. WalktheChat enables your clients to pay in RMB via WeChat or Alipay, while you receive the money directly to your oversea account (in USD, AUD, NZD, etc…)

WalktheChat Platform 1

It is the simplest solutions for companies wanting to enter the Chinese market, without or before setting up a local office and operations.

WalktheChat enables you to:

  • Easily set-up a store hosted in China
  • Receive payments directly from Chinese customers without setting up a company in China
  • Request professional translations for your store and blog
  • Creation of WeChat account visible in mainland China
  • Promote your store via Key Opinion Leader campaigns and WeChat marketing

WalktheChat Platform 4

Plans for WalktheChat start at $199 USD per month. It’s the perfect solution for SME’s looking for a quick entry into the Chinese market. Store, WeChat account and cross-border payments can usually be ready within a few days.

Create your own store to sell in China

  • Collect payments through WeChat payment
  • Provide a design consistant with Chinese UX guidelines
  • Request translations easily when you need them
  • Get support for the creation of your WeChat account

WalktheChat Platform 3

Collect payments from Chinese customers
  • Enable your customers to pay in RMB via WeChat
  • Collect money directly converted in foreign currency
  • Manage your orders through our English-language back-end
WalktheChat Platform 2
Generate traffic to your store
  • Review Key Opinion Leaders profile on our back-end
  • Pick the right Key Opinion Leaders from our platform to drive sales
  • Monitor success through our analytics dashboard


Created by Curiosity China, Curio is a WeChat social CRM platform with a wide variety of features.
HTML5 Web Page Creator
Curio has a fully developed H5 editor with templates which can be used to create campaigns within a few clicks. The H5 tool allows brands to collect sophisticated campaign data.
H5 Curio
QR Codes
Curio features a QR code creation tool allowing brands & agencies to create and manage their own custom QR codes with embedded information.
Curio has a variety of templates allowing brands & agencies to create digital customer surveys and forms for feedback and data collection.
Curio Survey
WeChat Games + Stickers
The platform has a selection of built in game templates and sticker app which allows organizations to create their own WeChat stickers or use different filters.
Competitor Data
Curio eye is the first live WeChat account bench-marking tool allowing brands/agencies to check the activity of other WeChat accounts in real time.
CURIOEYE Live Benchmark
WeChat Article Styling/Editing
Curio features it’s own WeChat article content management system, enabling you to customize the design of articles more easily. 
Check out the Curio website for more information.