Earn Money Answering Questions On Fenda

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There has been a lot of hype recently in China surrounding a new platform called Fenda (One Minute Answer). Fenda allows you to earn money by answering questions on WeChat. Yes that’s right, you can monetize your knowledge easily and have people paying you through WeChat to impart wisdom in your area of expertise.


Today we’ll show you step by step how you can earn money on WeChat answering questions about your home country of origin, language study, or whatever area you happen to be knowledgeable about.


The handsome guy above 王思聪 (Wang Sicong) is the son of the richest man in China. He recently answered 32 questions about his playboy lifestyle on Fenda and earned over 200,000 RMB ($30,000 roughly). He really needed the money to buy his dog another 2 gold Apple watches.


Above: Wang Sicong’s dog with 2 gold apple watches worth 126,000 RMB

Eavesdropping: The clever part
The really smart thing about Fenda is the eavesdropping feature. If someone wants to, they can pay 1 RMB to hear the answer to someone else’s question. That 1 RMB is then split evenly between the 2 people who asked and answered the question (minus Fenda’s cut. They take 10% of all money earned through their platform). So it’s totally possible to make money by asking questions. For example:

You pay 500 yuan to ask a celebrity a question.
5,000 people pay 1 yuan to listen to the answer.
You will make (5,000 x 0.5) * 0.9 – 500 = 1,750 yuan

Fenda is also representative of an important cultural shift that has taken place in China: Chinese are willing to pay for content. It’s mostly micro payments of a few yuan, but a shift in mindset is taking place and it’s something that might have been unthinkable a few years ago.


The tip jar feature launched on WeChat last year. Some bloggers can earn significant amounts from the goodwill micropayments of their readership.

Step by Step: How to do it
Now we’ll show you exactly how to set up your own Fenda account (like our one below) and start earning money answering questions.



Long press the code above and select ‘Extract QR code’ to demo our Fenda

First add the WeChat account for Fenda. From the WeChat home screen select + in the top right corner then Add Contacts now select Official Accounts.


Now enter the WeChat ID: zaihang360


Once in the account select the Fenda 分答 menu item on the left which will take you to the Fenda platform within the WeChat browser. Once you are in the platform select the option 我的 ‘My’ from the bottom menu.


Once on your profile you will need to edit your introduction.


Setting up your profile is very easy. See example below:


The amount for answering a question can be set as high as 100 yuan when beginning. Once you profile is set you can share it directly to a friend or posting on your moments in the same way as any webpage by selecting … in the top right corner.


When your friends want to ask you a question. They will simply open up your profile, type their question into the box and select the 写好了 (Completed) button. They will need to pay the amount that you request for the question.


1 Yuan. It’s a bargain 😉

Once someone has paid to ask you a question, a service message from the Fenda official WeChat account pop will pop up in your timeline.


Selecting the message will bring up this interface where you can record your answer.


Fancy opening your own Fenda account? Leave us a comment and let us know how much you didn’t earn.

China Channel has no association with Fenda.