Go Dutch the Easy Way With WeChat

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

Picture the scene. You are in a restaurant with a group of friends and friends of friends. Dishes have been ordered, alcohol has been drunk. The conversation is flowing; there’s some flirting. It’s time to move to the bar! BUT WAIT! It’s time to split the bill. Oh, dear! Someone needs to take responsibility, and that’s never good on a night out.


There’s a lot of people eating together, some of which you don’t know and there’s more important things to do like ‘alcohol’. This isn’t going to end well. Unless we use WeChat! Yes, today China Channel is going to show you how to split the bill using WeChat and it’s really easy. You can see who’s paid and no need for someone to count out five yuan bills. Let’s go to ‘Me’ and then ‘Wallet’


Now scroll down to ‘Go Dutch’


Now let’s choose the green option 聚会AA, which is for meals.


Now we have to set our title, the amount and the number of people to pay. There’s a limit of 10,000 yuan so don’t get greedy.


Once set you can have others scan your QR code to pay.


Or you can send the payment to them directly though a chat thread.


Either way, the message is clear: PAY UP! At the same time WeChat will inform you with a message similar to this.


And the best bit, you can see exactly who’s paid and who hasn’t from the payment page.


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