How to Make WeChat Surveys: WeChat Essential Tips

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In today’s WeChat Essential Tip, brought to you by China Channel, we will show you how to make a WeChat survey that you can post on your moments or directly to groups and chat threads. WeChat surveys are really easy to make and have a myriad of potential purposes:

  • picking a place to eat for a large group
  • getting feedback from your customers
  • deciding where to go out tonight
  • conducting research or opinion polls

We are going to be using a platform called HuDongBa (互动吧), which is one of the more popular surveying tools for WeChat. The service is free. The HuDongBa app is entirely in Chinese, but with this guide it should be very easy to navigate for non Chinese speakers. So let’s show you how!



First download the HuDongBa (互动吧) mobile app. You can do this by going to their website and scanning the QR code or clicking through on the links for 下载APP (xia zai App)


Open up the app and swipe through the intro to the home screen and select 我 (me).

WeChat Survey Hudongba (5)

Tap the section at the top.

WeChat Survey Hudongba (8)

The green button allows you login to the app with your WeChat ID, the same as you would using Facebook or Twitter ID to login to other websites or apps.

WeChat Survey Hudongba (2)

Now select 发布 (fa bu) along the bottom and choose the 投票 (tou piao) option.

WeChat Survey Hudongba (10)

You have two places to enter text: ‘title’ and ‘content’. We suggest you capitalize each word in the sentence when writing these; hudongba is not particularly English friendly. It often removes the spaces between words when publishing.

WeChat Survey Hudongba (7)

When you post your survey in WeChat the ‘title’ and ‘content’ will appear like this:

WeChat Survey Hudongba (4)

Input your answers to the survey question. You can add more options using the + button.

WeChat Survey Hudongba (1)

You must set an ‘end time’ for the survey. Without this you cannot publish.


When you are done, select 发布 (fa bu – publish)


You can choose a cover picture for your survey using this button.

WeChat Survey Hudongba (3)

Choose WeChat from the options. You can post to either a chat thread or your moments. Posting on your moments will look like this.

WeChat Survey Hudongba (9)

When you friends open the survey they will first see your awesome cover.


Then then will scroll up to see the survey.


Very Important: You must tap twice to register your vote. First select your choice and then select the big blue button 我要投票 (wo yao tou piao – I’m going to vote). This may confuse people if they can’t read Chinese. Once you have submitted your vote, the blue button will turn yellow and read 已投票 (yi tou piao – Already voted).


That’s it. Really very easy. Happy surveying!


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