How To Make Your Own WeChat Stickers: WeChat Essential Tips

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

In today’s WeChat Essential Tip brought to you by China Channel we will show you how to make your own WeChat stickers! WeChat stickers have opened us up to a whole new way of communication. Is it a good thing? We can’t pass judgement, but here’s how to take a gif online and make it into a your own WeChat custom sticker.

First, find your gif online (Reddit, Imgur and Tumblr are all great places to start). We are going to use this classic reaction gif as the example.


Save it to your desktop


Check the file size. The official maximum size is for a WeChat Sticker is 300KB, but files over 250KB also may have issues. Our one at 1.15MB is too big so we need to re-size.


There’s plenty of re-sizing tools online. Here we’ll use


Transfer it over to you phone (NOT thru WeChat). Here we use Evernote.


Once it’s synced, save it to the phone.


Now move into WeChat and open up a chat thread. Tap the smiley face to send a sticker like normal. Choose you custom stickers and select the big + sign.


Now again select the big plus sign from the list of custom WeChat Stickers. It may take a few seconds to upload and then will appear on the list.


Now go back to the chat thread and you should be able to send the sticker just like your other custom ones.


Join us tomorrow for our next article in the WeChat Essential Tips series where we will be giving away more techniques and information on WeChat. Follow us on WeChat by scanning the QR code to follow our official account.

This article is based mostly on WeChat Android Version 6.2.4