How To Promote Yourself On WeChat: WeChat Essential Tips

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

Welcome to today’s WeChat Essential Tip, brought to you by China Channel. If you are a DJ, a model, a band, or even a private English teacher (i.e. anyone offering services) and you want to promote yourself through WeChat, then today’s tip is for you! We’ll show you how to easily make a cool looking interactive WeChat portfolio or resume showcasing your work which you can forward to others on your moments or send directly to people interested in your services. Follow in the footsteps of China Channel’s favorite party animal: DJ WeCat!


The site we are going to use to create the portfolio is called MAKA. It’s one of the most popular platforms for this kind of service; there are many alternatives. Using platforms like MAKA has many important benefits:

  • Basically anyone can make something that looks good.
  • Free service for the basics.
  • Create once and then publish across multiple platforms (not just WeChat).
  • Makes copying of your content by others more difficult compared with publishing a normal articles through an official account.
  • Very easy to add audio content.

These platforms are very popular with both individuals and large organizations to create WeChat content. Beijing based marketing and PR heavyweights Ogilvy, for example, use this service for their excellent ‘Social Weekly Digest’.


Companies and individuals are using services like MAKA in many different ways. From job adverts to promoting Summer Camps. China Channel has also used a similar platform to promote our previous events in South West China.


Making your personal resume / portfolio
With the instructions below at hand, you should be able to use the skeleton basics of MAKA without any Chinese. Get on your laptop or desktop and go to Choose 免费注册 (Register for free)


Input your email address and a password twice.


Once logged in click on the black button 新建项目 (create a new project).


We are going to choose the personal resume template and then 选取 (choose).


On the left we can see the page navigation. In this template there are 9 pages. Viewers of your portfolio will usually swipe upwards on their mobile device to view the next page.


We can delete pages by clicking the trash can icon and then selecting the red button 确定 (confirm).


We add pages through the big + icon at the bottom left. Choose a template and a blank page.


Edit text by clicking on it and then typing in the text box. Below there are a bunch of options for changing text.


Each page can set a background. You can change this by clicking on the background and then 更换背景 (change background). Add a picture from your local drive.


Now it’s time to add some animations to the text and colored box elements. We do this by double clicking the yellow block of color. Now lots of option open up on the right for us to animate. Play around with the ones you want.


Save from the top right corner 保存 (save).


Then go to your 项目 (projects). Change the name of your project to something more appropriate than the default.


Use 预览 (preview – eye icon) on the right side and scan the QR Code to preview in WeChat.


If you like it, then save your completed portfolio to your favorites. In this way you can access it anytime.


Now let the promotion begin! From you favorites you can forward to your moments or groups.


When someone selects your link they will now automatically see your resume / portfolio with interactive animations and perhaps music. Congratulations, you’ve just made a professional looking WeChat portfolio!


China Channel is in no way associated with MAKA. To prove it, here are 3 alternatives to their service that work in pretty much the same way:

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