How to Send Large Files Over 25MB On WeChat

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

Unfortunately WeChat has a file size limit set at 25MB. So how do we send large videos or other files to our friends through WeChat? Have you ever been frustrated by a similar message to below:

File Size

Today, China Channel will show you how to get round this limitation of send large files easily through WeChat using Weiyun (Micro Cloud 微云). Weiyun is a cloud storage service owned by Tencent (the parent company of WeChat). Like many of Tencent’s other platforms it works seamlessly with WeChat.


Weiyun is famous for offering an incredible 10 terabytes of free cloud storage. That’s far more space than many paid options such as Dropbox or Microsoft One Drive.

Step by Step Guide
In this example we’ll show you how to take a large video file (250 megs roughly) on your desktop and using Weiyun share it so friends can watch or download the video easily through WeChat. First go to and log in with your WeChat account by scanning the QR code.


From the home screen simply upload the file using the blue button (添加 Add), see below:

Start Download

It will start uploading, this may take time if it’s a large video file for example.


Once it’s done you can share several ways. There will be a link which you can simply copy & paste into a chat thread.


Also we recommend actually adding the Weiyun WeChat official account. This will make accessing all your cloud stored files much easier, anytime you want through WeChat. Go to ‘contacts’ then ‘official accounts’. Tap + in the corner and type ‘tencent_weiyun’ into the search field. You will bring up this account:


Alternatively scan the QR code below.


From the account you can easily access all your files


Selecting ‘All Files’ immediately brings up all the files that you’ve uploaded on Weiyun previously. Tap the blue button at the bottom and then share to either a chat or your moments.


Sharing in a chat will look like this:


Your friends can download for themselves through Weyun or just view, share or save the large video to their favorites directly in WeChat.


Weiyun also helps solve another problem: How to use just your phone to send non picture files to your friends through WeChat? Simply install Weiyun on your phone. Login with your WeChat ID and then upload the file from your phone to Weiyun. From there select the share icon and send the link to the file directly to your friend on WeChat.