How to Take Payments For Your Event on WeChat: WeChat Essential Tips

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In today’s ‘WeChat Essential Tip’ we are going to show step by step how to set up and take payments for an event on WeChat using Yoopay. Yoopay is a great WeChat events platform for foreigners in China, as the process can be done entirely in English. Using a service such as Yoopay has some major advantages:

  • Organizers can gain sign ups for their event directly from posting on group chats or moments
  • Attendees can complete the full booking and payment process easily and without leaving WeChat
  • Attendees will automatically be emailed an event ticket with unique ID code to print out
  • As an event organizer you will be able to download an excel form list of event attendees with phone numbers, emails and info on when they paid
  • The service is cheap: Free for free events and 3% for paid events
  • There are a full set of options for discount and referral codes

imagesLike so many 3rd party services that integrate with WeChat (for another example see our WeiDian article here), the process is very streamlined and. China Channel is not associated with Yoopay; this article is not an advert. There are several alternative event platforms. Yoopay is simply the best we’ve found for English language support.

Now, we will walk you through the process. Here’s our event. You might be familiar with it by now if you’ve followed the series so far.


Go to the Yoopay site and click ‘Create Event’.


In this example we’ll choose ‘Basic Account’ as we don’t want to pay anything.


You’ll need to first register with an email address. Then, you’ll need to verify the address by replying to their automatic email.


Choose your unique link address for this event.


Choose an event category


Fill in the event details: Name, time, location and host.


Add your event poster and a description.


Set your ticket types and prices.


There are options for discount codes and referral codes


There are a variety of payments options. We’ll just stick with WeChat Pay, keep it easy.


Options for providing invoices if you need them


Yoopay give you two basic fee options for events: no fee for free events, 3% for paid events.


A list of Yoopay’s fees for payment can be send in the table below.


Once you get to the bottom, click on confirm and your event page is created. Now click on the WeChat Logo at the bottom to start sharing on WeChat!


Scan the QR code and now the page will pop up on your WeChat, you can share it to others via moments or sending directly to a chat thread.


So now we switch to the viewpoint of you friend who wishes to sign up to the event. They see your post and click on the link which brings them to the same event page with the event description and poster.

Yoopay (6)

They fill out their details and select WeChat Pay from the bottom options. We chose to pass the 3% service fee on to the customer, but it could also be covered by the event organizer instead.

Yoopay (9)

Selecting pay will require you to input your WeChat pay password. Once you’ve payed you will be sent a confirmation on your phone and an email with a pdf ticket attached.


As the event organizer you will also receive an email notification that someone has signed up for your event. Checking from the back end of the Yoopay website you will be able to see a full list of people signed up for your event.


This information can also be exported to excel if you want to get your hands on all those juicy email addresses. You can also promote your event by SMS or Weibo.


Join us tomorrow for our next article from the China Channel ‘WeChat Essential Tips’ series. Follow us on WeChat by scanning the QR code to follow our official account.

China Channel has no association with Yoopay.