Top 100 Mini Programs

List of 100 WeChat Mini Programs

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Below is a list of 100 different mini programs broken down into 10 categories. After this list of WeChat mini programs we’ll also provide you with info on how to access one of the unofficial mini program stores to find even more mini programs.



Top 100 Travel Mini Programs Travel

Travel WeChat Mini Programs

Food & Beverage / Restaurant

Top 100 Mini Programs Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage WeChat Mini Programs



Top 100 Mini Programs Finance

Finance WeChat Mini Programs


Top 100 Mini Programs Tools

Tool WeChat Mini Programs



Top 100 Mini Programs Productivity

Productivity WeChat Mini Programs



Top 100 Mini Programs Education

Education WeChat Mini Programs



Top 100 Mini Programs Lifestyle

Lifestyle WeChat Mini Program



Top 100 Mini Programs Leisure

Leisure WeChat Mini Programs



Top 100 Mini Programs Information

Information WeChat Mini Programs

WeChat Mini Program Store

WeChat has no official centralized mini programs store where you can search for mini programs. This is a very deliberate move that was announced 2 weeks ago by the WeChat team. If you’re wondering why that is, well, the short answer is: Mini programs are NOT apps. They are something completely different.


Mini Programs Store Unofficial

There are of course unofficial mini program stores (see pic above) and if you want to get a link to one of those just send the word ‘program’ into the ChCh account. The site works pretty much like an app store would for apps.