Mobile-first e-commerce for the next billion [webinar]

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As a follow-up to the recently released whitepaper “Defining Interactive E-commerce”, this webinar will delve deeper into the topic of making ecommerce more accessible. What can we learn from the interactive ecommerce model to help onboard the next billion mobile e-commerce users across developing markets?

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The paper’s authors along with a special guest will be elaborating upon their findings and delving deeper into the possibilities and challenges of expanding the global reach of e-commerce.

Webinar (58 mins)

3:10 Conversation with Rezwanul Haque Jami
31:27 Conversation with Ravish Bhatia

Webnair Guests

Ravish Bhatia is host of the Use Case podcast and leads Products at Indiagold, a mobile app that provides credit against gold to Indian users. He was previously a Fredric Bastiat Fellow at the Mercatus Centre and a Yenching Scholar at Peking University. He tweets @ravbhatia.

Rezwanul Haque Jami is Head of E-commerce for Access to Information (a2i), the flagship program of the Digital Bangladesh agenda, which specializes in introducing citizen-centric public service innovation to simplify public service delivery and improve the lives of citizens by increasing transparency, improving governance, and reducing the time, difficulty and costs of obtaining government services.


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