A Neat New WeChat Survey Tool

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

There aren’t any native WeChat survey or polling features built into groups or moments. Perhaps you would like your friends to vote on something or maybe you want people to sign up for your party. What to do?


ChCh golf party! Woo hoo!

We found this a new little tool that solves the problem nicely. There are many 3rd party survey tools that can work within WeChat (read our previous article here), but this one is by far the fastest and easiest to use in English that we’ve found. Read on to find out how it works.

Step 1: Open the survey tool’s WeChat service account and select ‘eSurvey’ from the menu.


Step 2: Fill in your information to create the survey.


Step 3: Send it to your friends in a group or post it on your moments.


You can see the results as people reply.


So what are you waiting for, long press the QR code below to add the account and test out making a mini survey.


N.B. China Channel (ChCh) has no association with this WeChat app. We wrote about it because we think it’s cool.