1 Minute On WeChat Infographic

Matthew Brennan Infographics, Tencent

What happens on WeChat in 1 minute? We crunched the numbers from various sources and reports can came up with the following WeChat infographic below...

What Happens In 1 Minute On WeChat Stats

305 New WeChat accounts are registered. 1,057,500 Payment transactions take place. 69,584 People use WeChat shake feature. 7 New service or subscription accounts are registered. 14,206,631 Users open WeChat. 4,112,500 Articles are read.

Bonus Data

The number of WeChat users continues to steadily increase. Yesterday’s Tencent 2016 Third Quarter Release revealed that WeChat now has over 846,000,000 month active users!


To put this incredible rise into context, let’s compare that with QQ, China’s other major social platform. We can see that WeChat is poised to overtake QQ’s total number of combined desktop & mobile users in Q4 of 2016 (i.e. right now!) finally becoming the undisputed king of social in China.


WeChat still lags behind WhatsApp and Facebook messenger in terms of users which both clock in at over a 1 billion users globally!

However we’ll leave you with this final thought…

Global Internet Users Infographic

Current Global Internet Users: 3.5 Billion

WeChat Users Infographic

Number of WeChat Users: 846,000,000

Which means…

WeChat Global Users Infographic

24% of Global Internet Users Use WeChat