Registering Your Own WeChat Subscription Account

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

Below is our step by step guide to opening your own WeChat subscription account. Setting up a WeChat subscription account (like ChCh) is a straight forward process and does not require a business license. 2015 saw a boom in English language official accounts across WeChat and we expect this trend to continue through 2016. There are now more than 10 million WeChat official accounts; here’s how to start your own.



Above: Our China Channel Subscription Account


Above: To check how many official accounts you follow
Contacts > Official Accounts > Scroll to bottom

You will need:

  • A Chinese friend
  • An email address

Step 1

Get on your desktop or laptop and go to the WeChat Official Accounts Platform Select 立即注册 (Register now) in the top right corner.


Step 2

Fill out your basic information: email address, password, captcha. We suggest quickly registering a new QQ mail address for this purpose It takes 1 minute and can be done in English.


Step 3

Check your mailbox for a verification email from the WeChat team and click the link.


Step 4

Choose the account type you want from the 3 options: Subcription, Service or Enterprise. Service accounts require a Chinese business license to register and Enterprise accounts are used typically for facilitating internal company communication. So we are going to choose Subscription.


A warning will pop up (see below) letting you know that you once you choose this account type you cannot go back and change.



Step 5

There are several types of subscription account. We are going to choose 个人 personal as this does not require a business license. Your Chinese friend will need to scan a QR code to link their WeChat account and also verify their phone number through SMS.


Step 6

Choose the account name, description and place of operation.


Congratulations you have successfully registered your own WeChat subscription account!

Important notes

  • 1 Chinese ID card can be used to register up to 5 separate WeChat official accounts
  • Each official account must be linked to a unique email address.

The Chinese person helping you open the account holds official responsibility. They own the account, not you. This means they would potentially get in trouble if you used the account to post things such as politically sensitive content or pornography.


Basic Account Settings

Before you start using your subscription account you will have to configure some settings. First go to 公众号设置 Official account settings.


Logo 修改头像 :Use this to upload a logo. You can change the logo up to 5 times per month. The maximum size is 2MB. The formats accepted are: BMP, JPEG, JPG, GIF.

QR Code 二维码:The QR code for the account (can be downloaded in different sizes)

Name 名称:Name of the account. The name must be better 3 and 30 characters long. Certain characters or words are prohibited such as 微信 (WeChat) or the word China for example.

WeChat ID 微信号:The WeChat ID for the account. You cannot choose a WeChat ID if it is already taken. The ID must be:

  • Between 6 to 20 letters or numbers long
  • Must start with a letter
  • Cannot include spaces

Description 介绍:Account description. Can be changed up to 5 times per month.

Location 所在地区:The location of the account


Account Admin Settings

By default the account admin will be set to the Chinese friend who helped you open it. Each time you post through the account the admin needs to approve. This will be inconvenient if the admin is not set to the person creating the content.

You will need to add your WeChat account as an admin. This is done from selecting:

安全中心 (Safety Center) > 管理员微信号 (WeChat Account Admin)

Select 修改 (Change). The current admin will need to approve by scanning a QR code.