How to Translate Restaurant Menus With WeChat

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

Finding restaurants and ordering food in China can be a daunting task for those not familiar with Chinese. Today, China Channel will show you how to solve this problem with WeChat.


We’ll be using a free WeChat English language restaurant search and menu translation service called Spoonhunt (WeChat ID: spoonhunt).


First let’s add the Spoon Hunt official account. Go to ‘contacts’ then ‘official accounts’.


Next tap the + button in the top right corner and enter ‘spoonhunt’ into the search field.


Enter the account and select ‘Near Me’ from the menu buttons at the bottom. (allow the account to access your location information). Straight away we can now see a selection of restaurants nearby.


From the top right corner you can select your currency and city. Major Chinese cities are quickly available. Selecting ‘more’ at the bottom will bring up a long list of cities across China and the globe.


After choosing your city and district you may wish to narrow your search down by cuisine.


Play around with it till you find a restaurant you want and select from the list. The restaurant page will come up. Select ‘menu’, or the pictures at the top.


You will now be able to see the individual items listed on their menu with prices and pictures. Select the food items you want and when you’re done press ‘order’.


It will create a bi-lingual list for you which you use to show the waiter or waitress.


At the bottom is a space for you to type in any special requests. Here we made a request for the pizza. The translation isn’t perfect but it will probably get the message across. Going back to the restaurant page there is an option to ‘Click for Chinese Address’ which brings up a bi-lingual taxi card.


We also have access to English language maps.


Through selecting ‘invite’ in the lower left corner we can send an invitation to the restaurant our friends on WeChat. We need to fill out a title and a time. Add a brief description.


Once saved it, this appointment can now be forwarded to your friends easily either directly in a group/individual chat thread or even through your moments for them to RSVP.


Other features also exist such as favoriting restaurants or adding reviews. Some of the menu translations and names are a little strange sometimes with the Chinese food. To be fair to the service however, translating some Chinese restaurant names or dishes is very difficult. Overall we believe this to be a very useful account for most foreigners in China.