5 Case Studies Of Going Viral On WeChat

Matthew Brennan Case Studies

Going viral on WeChat is really difficult. WeChat is designed to be a closed personal environment. If your friends don’t directly share something on the moments news feed or in a group then it’s going to be pretty difficult to find. Below I bring you 5 classic case studies of stuff that somehow managed to go viral together with some analysis on why. 1. Comic Book Hero …

Mark Zuckerberg is on WeChat!

Matthew Brennan Case Studies

Breaking News: It’s official! Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has followed in the footsteps of Bill Gates (see previous article) and opened up a WeChat official account. Read on to find out the details plus a series of highly revealing quotes from the Zuck regarding his thoughts on China’s social media. Above: Mark’s new official account In the new account’s …

Bill Gates On WeChat

Bill Gates Joins WeChat. Apple & Facebook Fail On WeChat

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3 days ago Bill Gates officially launched his own WeChat official account (WeChat ID: gatesnotes) and broadcast a short 30 second message to his WeChat followers. Bill’s company Microsoft is actually kicking ass on WeChat, they have several very interesting WeChat accounts including a Chinese virtual girlfriend chatbot. We did a little research into the presence Microsoft and other American tech giants have on China’s …

Learn Chinese WeChat

WeChat Chinese Learning Platform

Matthew Brennan Case Studies

Today we decided to feature a WeChat Chinese Mandarin Class platform. In the same way that Uber matches you with a driver, this service (yoil Mandarin) matches you with a Chinese teacher. But it works entirely through WeChat. Read on to find out how it works and how to try a free WeChat Chinese class yourself. In the 2nd part of this article we’ll …