WeChat Moments

WeChat Moments Search: Search Your Friend’s Moments

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The latest iOS update to WeChat (6.3.29) launched yesterday adds a WeChat moments search feature. Basically this allows you to search your friend’s moments by time. The last WeChat update 6.3.28 with important changes to group management came 2 days earlier to iOS. What’s going on? Read on to answer the questions: “How does it work?” and “Why WeChat has had 2 updates in …

WeChat Group Owner

WeChat Group Admin: Important Updates

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The new version of WeChat (6.3.28) has several changes. The most important being a WeChat group admin can now choose to block people from adding extra members to their group. This feature is highly likely to roll out in some form to all versions of WeChat soon. Read on to find out exactly how it works, why it’s so important. You …

Are You Ready To Pay To Read WeChat Articles?

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It’s been confirmed that a WeChat paywall feature for articles will soon be introduced. But are people really ready to start paying to read stuff on WeChat? Read on to get the full details. Above: The famous New York Times paywall Reports say that the WeChat paywall feature will allow users to read the first section (20 to 200 characters) of …

Leaked: WeChat’s Plans for 2016

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WeChat 2016: A few days ago an article was published on WeChat which claimed to be a leaked internal plan for WeChat’s new features releases in 2016. The article generated much speculation and discussion. Are these really the changes we can expect WeChat to make in 2016? Below we present our translated version of the original (source: 微互动 We-Interactive) with our …

5 Features Removed From WeChat

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WeChat has the reputation as being the ‘super app’ which does everything in China. The popular perception being that WeChat features and services are constantly expanding. Yet this isn’t always true. Features or options do sometimes get removed and today China Channel brings you 5 of the more prominent ones: Pencil Pilot 经典飞机战士 The first ever WeChat game launched as part …

Go Dutch the Easy Way With WeChat

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Picture the scene. You are in a restaurant with a group of friends and friends of friends. Dishes have been ordered, alcohol has been drunk. The conversation is flowing; there’s some flirting. It’s time to move to the bar! BUT WAIT! It’s time to split the bill. Oh, dear! Someone needs to take responsibility, and that’s never good on a night out. …