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Forget Red Packets, WeChat GOLD Packets are coming!

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It’s that time of year again. When all the crazy numbers come out about WeChat lucky money red packets. Last year 8.08 billion digital WeChat red envelopes were sent out (see our previous article) Chinese New Year’s Eve. This year it’s 14.2 BILLION! On 1 day! Above: some context to those numbers WeChat’s last reported monthly active user numbers are 846 …

WeChat Data Report 2016 1

WeChat Data Report Dec 2016, Stats From WeChat

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New WeChat Data: Yesterday the WeChat team released a rare stats presentation filled with some amazing insights into what is happening on WeChat. Unlike other reports and data released this is the real deal. This information is not based on indirect data, estimations or online surveys. It’s direct data from WeChat’s servers. WeChat Data Highlights: 768 Million Daily Active Users …

[Infographic] You Won’t Believe WeChat’s Chinese New Year 2016 Stats

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Below is the full English translation of the official WeChat Chinese New Year statistics for Spring Festival Eve 2016 released just a few hours ago (Feb 8th). Above: some people took it more seriously than others Peer to peer lucky money: Over 8 billion lucky money envelopes were sent on Spring Festival eve! Lucky money blurry photos: One blurry photo had 597 people …

Ultimate Guide For Grabbing Money In Tomorrow’s WeChat Frenzy

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Remember those blurry photos taking over your moments stream a few days ago? Well that was just the warm-up act. The main event is Spring Festival Eve tomorrow night. Get prepared for a money grabbing frenzy through WeChat. Basically all the lucky money action will be through the shake feature and the moments stream. It’s clear that this time will be different …

Were naked pics the reason WeChat blurry photos closed early?

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WeChat publicly tested a new feature recently in China which has been in development for 3 months: WeChat Blurry Lucky Money Photos. Users had an extra option to post blurry pictures which can only be viewed by sending a lucky money red envelop. Read on to find out: Why did WeChat suddenly do this? Is it going to become a permanent feature? & Was …

WeChat Lucky Love Money – A Funny Story

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The sending of WeChat lucky money red envelopes has undoubtedly changed Chinese society. The red envelope phenomenon, particularly during Spring Festival period, is the key through which WeChat has unlocked the wallets of 200+ million Chinese. Scan the QR code below (long press and select ‘Extract QR Code’) to see your own personal WeChat lucky money red envelope history. WeChat Lucky …