Bill Gates On WeChat

Bill Gates Joins WeChat. Apple & Facebook Fail On WeChat

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3 days ago Bill Gates officially launched his own WeChat official account (WeChat ID: gatesnotes) and broadcast a short 30 second message to his WeChat followers. Bill’s company Microsoft is actually kicking ass on WeChat, they have several very interesting WeChat accounts including a Chinese virtual girlfriend chatbot. We did a little research into the presence Microsoft and other American tech giants have on China’s …

WeChat’s Virtual Girlfriend App by Microsoft (Xiaobing)

Matthew Brennan Case Studies

Thousands of men across China describe her as their ‘virtual girlfriend’. Microsoft describe her as being “like an emotional companion”. XiaoBing 小冰 is a female voiced ‘Advanced Natural Language Chat-bot’ service available for free through WeChat. It all sounds a bit like science fiction. The service is eerily similar to the 2013 movie ‘Her’. A film about a man who falls in love …