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Starbucks WeChat Gifting Feature

Matthew Brennan Case Studies

A new button for Starbucks magically appeared for China WeChat users yesterday. The new feature allows users to buy a coffee and send it as a gift on WeChat to their friend or loved one. It’s a bit like WeChat lucky money, except its WeChat lucky coffee 🙂 Read on to find out how the feature works and the details on why Starbucks and …

Starbucks WeChat Logo

WeChat’s Plan For Chinese New Year?

Matthew Brennan Standard

Remember last Chinese New Year on WeChat? When this happened… Above: Blurry moments photos took over WeChat during Spring Festival 2016 (previous article here) And at the same time this happened… To put that into context, there are only 7 billion humans on the planet. (read our previous article here) So what’s WeChat’s plan this year? We are 46 days …