WeChat picture editing

WeChat Picture Editing: Add Stickers To Your Pics

Matthew Brennan Features, Upgrades

WeChat picture editing: The latest iOS version of WeChat released yesterday (Version 6.5.2) includes a full range of picture editing tools. Now you can edit photos directly within WeChat and post them to a group or moments. The update also allows you to add WeChat custom stickers to your pictures! Read on to find out how it works & why …

WeChat Life Report – Video + Clarifications

Matthew Brennan Events, Tencent

Video We’ve received many requests for the video of the WeChat Life presentation, so here it is: The bi-lingual presentation is a full 40 minutes in length. Video link here: http://v.qq.com/page/l/u/9/l0170sxdmu9.html The speaker is Stephen Wang, manager of the International Operations team and Data Analytics team for WeChat’s Core Product Group. Clarifications Tencent contacted us yesterday and politely requested that we …