WeChat Mini Apps Master Class Shanghai

WeChat Mini Apps Master Class – Jason Ng & Drew Kirchhoff

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The WeChat Mini Apps Master Class in Shanghai yesterday was a great success. We listened to incredible insights into the future of mini-apps and the WeChat official accounts ecosystem. It’s clear that WeChat’s ambitions are large and another revolution is not far ahead. Above: The Trainers and Organizers This was Jason Ng’s first ever English language training. Together with Drew Kirchhoff …

WeChat Mini Apps Master Class Shanghai & Beijing

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“It is not an exaggeration to say that a new era has possibly come to WeChat with Mini Program now in the game.” – Jing Daily “Welcome to the next generation of mobile software. Say hello to “Mini-Apps” – TechNode China Channel (ChCh) is proud to announce the WeChat Mini Apps Master Class. This exclusive full day training will offer the …

1 Little Known WeChat Trick For Teaching, Training or Events

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Today, we’ll show you by far the easiest way to create a large WeChat group for teaching, training, conferences, or promotional and networking events. Any situation where there is a large number of people physically together in the same place then using the little known ‘WeChat Private Groups’ feature is the fastest and easiest way to get everyone together so you …