Top 100 Mini Programs

List of 100 WeChat Mini Programs

China Channel mini apps

Below is a list of 100 different mini programs broken down into 10 categories. After this list of WeChat mini programs we’ll also provide you with info on how to access one of the unofficial mini program stores to find even more mini programs.   Travel Food & Beverage / Restaurant   Finance Tools   Productivity   Education   Life …

WeChat Data Report 2016 1

WeChat Data Report Dec 2016, Stats From WeChat

China Channel Infographics

New WeChat Data: Yesterday the WeChat team released a rare stats presentation filled with some amazing insights into what is happening on WeChat. Unlike other reports and data released this is the real deal. This information is not based on indirect data, estimations or online surveys. It’s direct data from WeChat’s servers. WeChat Data Highlights: 768 Million Daily Active Users …

Use WeChat to Pay for Your Hotel in Bangkok

China Channel WeChat Tips

Foreigners living in China often have a dilemma when we travel abroad: paying for hotels. Obtaining a credit card in China is difficult for non-Chinese. We are often left using a non-RMB credit card or Paypal account from our home country (good luck trying to pay the bill back if your salary is in RMB). In today’s article, we’ll help you solve this problem …