WeChat Barcode Scanning

WeChat Barcode Scanning Features

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WeChat Barcode: A few days ago WeChat announced a new service to track the status of express deliveries in China by scanning the delivery form’s bar code (see picture below). But surprisingly few people know that with WeChat you can already pick up and scan the barcode on pretty much ANY kind of Chinese consumer product and instantly check its …

Buying Beer from Walmart on WeChat: WeChat Essential Tips

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In today’s ‘WeChat Essential Tip’ presented by China Channel, we will show you how to buy beer from Walmart on WeChat and provide some general info and analysis about online shopping through WeChat. In a previous post, we showed you how to use the WeChat Specials feature, located in WeChat Wallet, to purchase beer through JingDong (JD). Why did JingDong, one of China’s largest …