TikTok & ByteDance Report

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Today we are releasing a new report “Understanding TikTok & ByteDance.” A deep dive taking you behind the scenes at TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance.

Direct download links for the whitepaper PDF [47 slides, 6 MB]

(China) Weiyun
(International) Dropbox

Alternative access: Slideshare

A peek inside at some of the most important people at ByteDance
Above: some of the key players at ByteDance

Over 47 slides we cover all you need to know about the company behind TikTok and it’s rapid rise to fame.

  • Online of the company’s unique structure
  • Bios of the company’s top executives
  • An extensive list of ByteDance’s products
  • Company history, office locations, investors
  • TikTok’s dual flywheels and recommendation engine

Bytedance Structure (Overview)
Above: outline of the company structure

ByteDance is not divided into divisions by business lines. There are only three core functional departments: user growth, technology and commercialization.

User growth is responsible for user acquisition and retention. The technology department handles product development while the commercialization department is focused exclusively on monetization.

ByteDance Apps - Overview
Above: ByteDance’s product suite

There are many, many, ByteDance apps. The majority of which are built for the vast China market.

ByteDance Growth Stages
Above: Outline of the company’s growth stages

Today ByteDance is a sprawling corporate leviathan. Much like other large internet conglomerates, it has expanded into a myriad of online ser­vices consisting of gaming, education, enterprise productivity, payments, and much more. This is made possible by three flagship businesses: Toutiao, Douyin, and TikTok.

What Led Us to TikTok?
Above: How did we get to TikTok? From Mindie to Musical.ly to Douyin.

Got this far and haven’t downloaded the report? What are you doing?
PDF Download links [47 slides, 6 MB]

(China) Weiyun
(International) Dropbox

Alternative access: Slideshare

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