Top 10 Apps in China

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We all know that WeChat rules supreme in China but which of its rivals is growing at a faster rate? And how many of the top 10 apps in China do you have on your phone?


November 2015 China Top 10 Mobile Apps
Last Six Months
Interesting according to the data for the last six months WeChat was not the fastest growing app in China. Alipay was, adding almost 59 million new users, with WeChat adding just shy of 45 million.


Alipay Vs. WeChat

Taobao’s user numbers shot up dramatically in November by over 44 million due no doubt to the massively successful double 11 sales holiday.

Taobao Mobile User Numbers

WeChat Abroad Vs. Home Turf
WeChat’s last officially reported number of monthly active users was 650 million for the end of September. Combining this number with the data from Analysys International for WeChat in September we get the following estimates:

WeChat China Vs. Rest of the World

WeChat China Vs. Rest of the World2

Category Leaders
Finally, below are the most popular Chinese mobile apps in their respective categories:

App Leaders China Nov 2015 (2)App Leaders China Nov 2015 (1)

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