Top Tricks For Posting On WeChat Moments: WeChat Essential Tips

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Today’s ‘WeChat Essential Tip’ covers 4 interesting ways that you can post on your WeChat moments. Most WeChat users follow their moments religiously. By using our tips, you will stand out and have all your friends asking ‘Hey, how did you do that?’ We’re going to cover:

1. The Perfectly Coordinated 9 Picture Post
2. Posting Only Text
3. Hiding The Punchline
4. Creating Your Own Unique Location

1. The Perfectly Coordinated 9 Picture Post

This trick involves posting 9 pictures. When your friends view them in your moments, they fit perfectly together, making one large picture. The posting can be very impressive when done well as the overall picture will seem much larger than a normal picture in the WeChat moments timeline.

WeChat Moments (4)
If you’re a wizz in photoshop then making this effect should be dead simple. Take your picture and cut it into 9 equal squares. Upload to your phone and post the pictures in the correct order. Here however, we will show you an easier way using a simple app to do all the hard work for you called ‘9cut’ available on the App Store, Google Play and a variety of Chinese local android app markets.

WeChat Moments (8)

Download and install the app.

WeChat Moments (7)

Choose your picture. Then choose your effect from tapping the button at the top (at first it’s not very intuitive in the app that’s what you need to do).

WeChat-Moments-(13)Save the effect by clicking the second grey button (保存). Move back into WeChat and post a moment like usual. To select your pictures from the App, they will be in a folder marked ‘9cut’.


And off you go! Make sure the pictures are in the right order to achieve the desired effect (this screenshot below shows the correct order).

WeChat Moments (10)

2. Posting Only Text

Usually when posting to moments you are given 2 options only: Photos / Sight. What if you only want to post text? Rather than just tapping on the camera icon at the top of your moments page, hold down on the icon to reveal an option to write text only.



Type in your message and send as normal.

WeChat Moments (2)

3. Hiding the Punchline
This technique has become popular just quite recently. It’s great for posting jokes and best explained through an example. See below:

Moments WeChat (1)

The set up for the joke is visible, but the punchline is hidden and only visible when you tap ‘Full Text’. To reveal as below:

Moments WeChat (2)


This effect is easy to achieve, you simply need to create a large gap between the two lines of your joke. When creating your WeChat moments message, type the first line of your joke as normal. Then press ‘enter’ to move to the line below and press the ‘space’ bar a few times, then ‘enter’ to move to the line below and then ‘space’ a few times and so on. Until you have a decent sized gap of around 10 lines with only spaces on them. Now put in your punchline and post as normal.

4. Create Your Own Unique Location

When you post on Moments you have an option to set your location from which you are posting. Most users will select their current place setting to a pre-selected option in We Chat. Many do not know however, that it is also possible to change the location to any word you want. For those not familiar, let’s first explain how setting your location works:


Upon doing so you will be presented with a list of locations nearby to choose from.

WeChat Moments (1)


If you pick one and post, it will appear in your moments post in blue below the picture.



So far, so good. Most people know this. What most people don’t know is that you can make up your own location information and set the name to basically anything you want. See the picture below:


To make and set a new location, use the search bar when you are presented with the list of locations to choose from. Type in the name of the new location you want to make. You will see a message ‘Your location is not found? Create new location’

WeChat Moments (3)

Tap this message to set up the new location. Fill in the information with whatever you want.

WeChat Moments (5)

Now the new location is made and when you post it will appear on your WeChat moments. You can use this to post any kind of stupid or silly location you want.

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