Try WeChat Mini Programs Now!

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Want to get a first taste of what the hotly anticipated WeChat Mini Programs will be like to use? Today WeChat released an open mini programs demo that anyone can use, below are screenshots of how it all works plus a QR code for you try it out yourself. They really are impossible to share to moments!

1st Ever Public WeChat Mini App

WeChat Mini Program Features

Mini programs can be easily pinned to the top of your timeline like this:

They will also be accessible from an option on the discovery tab which is visible very briefly when opening the new Android beta version due to a bug.

1st Ever Public WeChat Mini App
Sharing a mini program to a friend looks like this:

On Android devices the mini program can be added to the desktop:

Sharing WeChat mini programs pages in groups looks like this:

Below: A demo of the mini programs maps feature which work much smoother than pervious maps built into WeChat.

Want to try it for yourself? 

No need to wait until Jan 9th.

1. First make sure you’re updated to at least WeChat version 6.5.2. On iOS just go to the app store. For Android, type ‘Beta’ into the ChCh account (QR code below) and we’ll send you a link. To check your WeChat’s version go to Me>Settings>About

2. Type ‘mini’ into the ChCh account and we will send you the QR code for the open WeChat Chinese developer mini program.

3. There are extra restrictions on the mini program QR codes. Through testing we found that they may be problems opening the code by simply long pressing and scanning within a WeChat article like normal QR codes. It has restrictions:

If you encounter a page like this (above) we recommend you send the QR code to a friend and scan their phone screen with your WeChat QR code scanner or send it to yourself using the desktop version of WeChat and scan the QR code when it’s on your desktop or laptop’s screen. Enjoy 😉