Ultimate Guide For Grabbing Money In Tomorrow’s WeChat Frenzy

Matthew Brennan Infographics

Remember those blurry photos taking over your moments stream a few days ago? Well that was just the warm-up act. The main event is Spring Festival Eve tomorrow night. Get prepared for a money grabbing frenzy through WeChat.

Making it rain WeChat

Basically all the lucky money action will be through the shake feature and the moments stream. It’s clear that this time will be different from the blurry photos before, however the complete details of what’s in store are not public.

Don’t be left out. Below is our translation of the latest timeline and info released by WeChat just hours ago. It seems to have a chance of being part in the biggest money grabbing frenzy in China we need to change our WeChat language setting to Chinese for a few hours.

Me > Settings > General > Language