How To Use A Free WeChat Events Platform

Matthew Brennan Events, WeChat Tips

Today we’ll show you how to use a free WeChat events platform to create group games, voting or prize draws for your event through WeChat . If you’re not familiar with the concept of using WeChat at events, check out the video below (58 secs). The crowd at a rock concert in Yunan vote for the song they want to hear through WeChat by shaking their phones.

Video length: 58 seconds

It’s a typical example of how we can use WeChat to make live events more interactive: games, voting, prize draws, live message boards… these are all easy and free to set up for your next event whether that’s a rock concert or a staff New Year’s party.

Shake for prize
Above: Prize draw using WeChat’s shake feature

WeChat event
The leader’s board for a WeChat event mini game

How to set up WeChat games for your event

We’re going to use a WeChat Events platform called Hi现场 (xianchang). Use your desktop / laptop and go to their web address You can login at the top right corner simply using your WeChat ID.


Click the blue button ‘Create event‘ (创建活动) to make a new event.


Fill in the event details. There are 2 modes of doing events: through a webpage or through a WeChat official account. We are going to use the webpage mode as this is accessible to everyone.


Now we have our event set up, we can select 样式 (yangshi) to tailor the appearance of what will appear on the big screen.


We have options to add our logo, QR code, edit the event title and change the background template. With Chinese New Year coming we changed it appropriately.


Games / Features available

Now for the cool part. For event attendees to participate in the games and features they need to simply scan a QR code. Here’s a list of some of the things we can do:

Prize Draws


Live Voting


Shake your phone to win


Money counting game


Randomly pairing attendees together


Event attendees profile picture mosaic

So sad. We only have 2 attendees at our event.

So there we have it: a free WeChat events platform. If you have a big screen, why not play some WeChat games at your event or parties.