Viral WeChat Webpage: ‘The Story Of Me & WeChat’

Matthew Brennan Case Studies

Yesterday evening (Jan 10th) a webpage entitled ‘The Story of Me and WeChat’ went viral across China (我和微信的故事). Later rumors started to appear that the viral WeChat webpage was in fact a virus which when opened would steal all the money from your phone’s Alipay account. Things got so bad that WeChat had to release a statement close to 11pm at night stating that the rumors were false. Read on to get the translated versions to understand what all the fuss was about and try the viral WeChat webpage yourself (it’s safe, we promise).


Above: anyone with Chinese friends will have seen multiple posts like this fill their moments yesterday evening


Why did it go viral?

Check out our translated sample below (all information is personalized to the WeChat account of whoever opens the page).



Want to try it for yourself? Long scan the QR code below with your WeChat account.


The webpage was launched by to help promote WeChat’s PRO Open Class Event in Guangzhou starting on today (January 11th). Yet it became so popular that some people could not even open the webpage as WeChat’s servers became overwhelmed.


Rumors Spread

Later rumors started also spreading like wildfire across WeChat (above is an example) saying the viral WeChat webpage was a virus which when opened would steal all the money from your phone’s Alipay account.


The WeChat team’s reaction was quick to refute these claims with a strongly worded statement.

Those responsible (for deliberately spreading rumors) will be held accountable by legal means. Rumors will not be tolerated.