WeChat Data Report 2017 WeChat Lifestyle Update

Matthew Brennan Reports

Once again the highlight of this year’s Tencent Global Partners Conference was the release of a new data set regarding WeChat usage. Below is the report which is shorter than previous years and this time delivered by Frank Fu, Manager of Data Analytics on the Core WeChat Team. We were there live in the South Western Chinese city of Chengdu to catch the presentation.


Frank Fu WeChat Team Presentation

WeChat Data Report 2017 WeChat Lifestyle Update

WeChat Data Report 2017 WeChat Lifestyle Update for Tencent Global Partners Conference. Data as of September 2017.

Daily logged in users

Daily logged in users. Average daily logged in users in September 2017: 902 million. Year over year 17%. Monthly active senior users (aged 55-70 years old). Monthly active senior users in September 2017: 50 million

Daily sent messages

Messages: Daily sent messages. Messages sent every day: 38 billion. Year over year increase 25%. Daily sent voice messages. Voice messages sent every day 6.1 billion. Year over year increase 26%. Video & Voice calls. Daily connected calls. 205 million connected calls every day. Year over year increase 106%.

Monthly connected calls per user

Monthly connected calls per user: 19 year over year increase 135%. Monthly time spent on calls per user: 139 minutes. Year over year increase 114%. Daily posted videos 68 million. 22% year over year increase.

National day travelers 2017

National day travellers. 62% year over year increase. Mainland China WeChat users logged in from abroad during National Day holiday Oct. 2017 Greater China excludes China mainland travel. Southeast Asia, East Asia, Greater China, North America, Europe

Travel Abroad

Travel Abroad. Most isolated Check-In on Moments newsfeed: Greenland. WeRun Daily active users: 115 million, year on year increase 177%

Official Accounts

Monthly active official accounts: 3.5 million. 14% increase year over year. Monthly active users of official accounts: 797 million, year over year increase 19%

Mini programs

Industries covered by published mini programs. 20+ industries, sub-industry categories 200+ Most popular industry categories by monthly visits: Transportation, E-commerce, Utilities, Lifestyle Services, Tech

WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay. Total monthly social payment transactions: 23% increase year on year. Total monthly offline commercial transactions 280% increase year over year